I was shocked to find no threads on who is one of the (if not the) greatest American songwriter(s) ever: Brian Wilson. Pet Sounds is undoubtedly one of the greatest albums ever and probably my favourite album. I think it's a better album than Sgt Peppers, personally.

SMiLE's great too (although it's no Pet Sounds). I found it a bit confusing at first, but I'm really loving it now.

Surely there are other fans?
they are amazing. first cd i ever got was beach boys greatest hits and ive still got it.
most people here seem to think they're too poppy. I myself love them. They are masters of harmony and I like their Chuck Berry type songs. God only knows is one of my favorite songs ever.
I don't really enjoy them outside of Pet Sounds. But Pet Sounds itself is a masterpiece.
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I don't really enjoy them outside of Pet Sounds. But Pet Sounds itself is a masterpiece.

Pet Sounds and Smiley Smile/Wild Honey for me. Two (three) excellent albums.
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I have no idea why, but I love them. They're vocal harmonies always get stuck in my head and I find myself singing them far more then I'd like to admit. As well, they have some cool guitar work, which I find..."fun."
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