so...I'm looking for a half stack for gigging. And I found this. It's a Marshall Valvestate 2000 AVT 50H 115 Watts. I've never heard of it before. I need people's opinions about it, so, give me some help.

Here's the link. http://nashville.craigslist.org/msg/595120487.html
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my luck with any marshall is that if its not turned up to 11 your not gonna like the sound so much
mmhm. right now I'm in between just a marhsall with a couple good peddals, just for the volume, or a Peavey Valve King half stack.
Ibanez...and Tama drums...are the coolest.
you dont want it.
#1-only buy a marshall if its ALL tube/valve. no point in it otherwise. and no mgs
#2-a halfstack isnt necessary for gigging. most of the time your going to get mic'ed by the pa system, so the stack is pointless. if you want one, go ahead, but don't think that its necessary for gigging. a 212 or 112 tube is loud enough alone, and you'll still probably be mic'ed anyway.

EDIT: if your looking at the valveking stack, and you have the money, don't get it. there are combo amps that DESTROY the valveking tone wise for less than that, and are loud enough for gigs.
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My friend has a 212 combo valvestate and TBH it sounds like **** and he's had lots of problems with it.
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try a palomino v32 212. Same price. Better sound. Plenty loud. It'll actually sound more marshally than the marshall you're looking at.
Or if you reaaaaally want a stack, you could get the v32 head and 2x12 cab for the same price.

By the way, The Marshall is far quieter than the valveking fyi.
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Yeah. I just want something better than the line 6 75 watt spider I have now. I think it sounds really good, but when I'm right beside my lead guitarist and he's using his mesa boogie, the volume doesn't compare at all.
Ibanez...and Tama drums...are the coolest.
a single rectifier solo 50...alot of people go, oh, it's only 50 watts...but they don't understand how that really is with an all tube amp.
Ibanez...and Tama drums...are the coolest.
Heard there not that good sounding and theres a bit of a reliabilty issue.

I have one at my place right now im working on for a shop, keeps blowing fuse's so im trying to track it down. And in doing so, found out its a common issue due to factory quality control issues and them forgeting to put certain parts were they need to go.