Hi, waiting for my Ceriatone to get here, i've also ordered 2 speakers, and i want to build a 2x12 for it .
now my plan is to wire the cab to have 4 jacks, so i can experiment with different types of sounds - i want a seperate jack for each speaker, 1 for series and 1 parallel.
is this gonna work ? *hopes that diagram makes some sense...*

oh, and btw, what does wiring type (series/parallel) do to wattage handling ?
The wiring gets a little shaky above the Red Fang, but it looks like you got the idea.

Series will add the power together, parallel will divide it in half.
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Quote by HavokStrife

Series will add the power together, parallel will divide it in half.

u mean me wiring the speakers in parallel will give a ~14Watt rating ??
I'd be more concerned about compatability with head etc.
Some heads only output in 8 and/or 16 ohms. So running them in series or parallel will either half or double the ohms rating.
Not only that, if you run them in series, if one speaker blows, neither will work.

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the amp can run at 4/8/16, and can put out 30 or 15 watts..
you can't wire it like that w/o some type of selector switch. you have to take out the series
wiring as it causes a dead short across the other 3 inputs(your amp will blow up)
if you do install a switch,god forbid someone who doesn't know could blow it up on you.

some folks replying need to read up on ohms law.

match your cabs ohm rating to your amp,they are specific for good reason.
Quote by HavokStrife

Series will add the power together, parallel will divide it in half.

Series and parallel will not effect the handling power of the cab. Two 15 watt speakers gives you 30 watts handling, period.

Looking at that wiring, it's really unnecessarily complicated. First off, you don't need different jacks for the cab wired in series or parallel- they don't really sound different. Just wire it in parallel (safer that way) and leave it at that. If you want to turn speakers on and off, get two switches so you can turn each speaker on and off individually. You can't run your amp with both off, of course, but every other combination will work. You can even use a resistor to make sure the amp doesn't blow up if you turn both off at once if you're really worried about it. If you need help with wiring, switches, or need a diagram, just let me know and I can make one for you.
Edit: here's one I made for deftonesordie a couple weeks ago. The first one is my favorite; it lets you turn each speaker on and off for an 8 ohm (single) or 16 ohm (both) load. It is of course much more effective if you have two different kinds of speaker in the cab.
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ooh thx!
that diagram with the 3-way switch looks like a nice way to do it, i think i'll go with that.
just for clarification, that would mean 55W @ 4ohm on the mid pos, and 25/30W @ 8ohms on the sides right ? ( i better make a plate/BIG sticker around that switch...)
That's correct. The three position switch is cool but it's hard (and expensive) to find a good heavy-duty DP3T on/on/on like that, so I just use two SPSTs.
the second example is in parallel across all three throw points