Does someone mind making a guitar pro for these? Normally, I would tab them myself, but I'm kind of busy in some other tabbing projects and I don't feel like adding another one. Thanks!

Wow, at first I thought they were gunna be dumb, but I really liked the both of them.

And, I don't know what all tabbing is gunna do, because, especially on the second one, it's pretty easy to see what he's playing. But what he's doing with the picking hand, that's the hard part. Tab isn't gunna teach you that.
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I already know how to play slap guitar. Simply put, I'm asking for the tab so that Instead of spending time tabbing those for myself I can continue working on tabbing the songs I'm working on tabbing on. (Also, on guitar pro, you can notate slaps, pops, what right hand finger, etc.)