Had this one done for a little while, and need a little bit of feedback!

It goes along the lines of a blues-ish rock sound, and is about a summer fling with a girl from... Michigan. (I'm in AZ) A pretty fun song, tell me what you think!

It's a fairly nice mix, though it's not as loud as I want it to be....

fourth song down.

like I said, c4c religiously!
Singer sorta sounds like Zakk Wydle on "Where I Stand" SORTA sounds.
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i like to write as i listen, so here goes................ooooo singers voice is cool, deep and grizzley, like it. Like the effects on the guitar. Erm, hmm, why is the intro so much louder than the rest? Forget that for now, guitar playing is top notch, like the interlude alot, some nice chorusy stuff on there, sweet. I like the fact that this is a bluesy song but with a bit more balls. Sorta guns and roses esque. I have to say, vocals are top notch. Infact the whole song is top notch, the only thing that bothers me is that the lyrics dont seem to suggest much, its almost like theyre there to fill the gap.......Some of them are fine, but other bits just need a little more tweaking. Solo is great, guitar sounds ****in ballsy, love it. Drums are really good too, not to over the top, just let the guitars do the talking. Bass is great, nothing wrong with it. Not really a bass solo style song. Ending is cool too very cool indeed.

I liked that alot, wow, UG does have some talent lol

thanks for the crit on mine

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thanks a lot man.

The lyrics aren't my best, and you did guess it, aha, the second verse was a filler.

anytime on the crit btw.
I look forward to listening to other's work.

check out "where I stand" if you could.
the lyrics are probably my favorite, IMO.

any more work, just let meknow, and I'll be happy to give you some feedback!
It sounds good, the instrumentation is good and all that jazz. I'm not a fan of the style of vocals but you are clearly a capable singer. I'm also not a fan of the lyrics, they didn't penetrate me. but I had no desire to turn it off which I think is very good (for you haha).
thanks man.

yeah, the lyrics kind of left me for that song,
after I wrote the 1st verse and the chorus.

check out "where I stand" or "my rebellion" if you could.

any thing else you need feeback for, give me a shout out, more than happy to give you an opinion.

Thanks for the crit! I love the guitar, nice riffs, and tone. The singing sticks out and is very original and very good. Nice job. Drumming is good too. I like the sound of the music, very nice bass solo. Every aspect of the recording is awesome. You've done a very good job mixing!

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Anytime bro.

Mixing, as always, is a B I T C H.

but I'm pretty happy with the end result,
I like to have a song with distinguished instruments,
and that's usually what I base the mixing around.

thanks for the crit,

drop me a line if you need any more feeback man.
Like the main riff alot, very blues rock

I like your singin, you have a great voice imo.

Song flows nicely! Like th chorus alot.

Solo fitted the song perfect, nicely written.

Over-all I liked it

obliged to ya.

I'd be happy to giveany other feedback,

drop me a link.

Mixed very well, and the playing is awsome. I love your bassist.

The tones of the instruments mix very well, and the playing was very tight. There were a couple of small things I noticed, but nothing really worth mentioning. Good job on this!
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much obliged sir!

I put the bass in there at last minute,
figured it needed a little bit of a flashy slappity dap.

Wow. That was really good. The only thing I thought you could do less harmonics, but it still sounds fine with them. I just find they are overused nowadays. Other than that, I thought it was awesome.

Here's mine if you wanna listen.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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