Finished this song last night. At first I was just messing around and having fun, but then I really started liking it. Its the first song Ive written on a 7-string, and its pretty heavy. Anywho, was wondering what you guys all think of it, like should I put something melodic before the ending breakdown? Should I even end with a breakdown, I think it sounds pretty cool like that cause it kinda leaves you hanging, wanting more. Any comments/crits welcome, and of course C4C. Thanks much.
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I half agree with JT. I thought the first couple riffs were quite good and pretty unique. However, the second half of the song just bored me. The first riff is my favorite in the song. It's very unique and I liek the death metally feel it has. I like the riff at 14, too, but I think it sounds better at 180 bpm than the 160 you had it at. I didn'y like the riff at 22, but I liked the same riff when you put it down on the bottom string at 26. Again, I think this would benefit from a slight bump in the tempo. The song starts getting boring at 30. The riff at 30 isn't too bad, but it gets old pretty quick. The same thing applies to the riff at 39. It's ok, but it needs something to hold my interest. 50 is where the song really gets old. It's way to much chugga chugga at this point. 56 just sounds ugly. 69 sounded like it had some potential, but then it turned into chugga chugga again. I really can't even critique the rest of the song because it's all the same thing.

If I were you I would scrap the second half of the song and work with what you had from bars 1-30. That part has potential, but the rest bored me out of my mind.

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It does sound kind of generic, but it is a lot better than my song... It's a good theme, but some riffs just sound a lot like each other and some are a bit rocky and don't really fit in. Riff VI was just sexy, but then there were more riffs that sound just like it... It is just one mood for the entire song. If I were you, as soon as I feel like my good ideas have run out and I start feeding off of others, I would just take a break for a day or two, and it would all be a lot better.

Anyway, I liked the actual theme and sounding of the song, but just try to make it more diverse.
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This song needs some work. It´s pretty heavy, but it lacks catchyness. Theres also no lead work. The riffs weren´t the best either, but i liked the ones at 26 and the one at 74.

Maybe crit mine?

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Pretty good song, really heavy. I like the beginning riff, infact I like most of the riffs. Some of the palm muted breakdown parts in 5/4 seemed to drag on, but I'm sure that with a vocalist that part would sound really badass.

Seemed to lack any real sense of melody, but that seems like what you are going for. Also, very strange song structure.

7.5/10 Pretty good