I have scoured the internet for any info on this Bass, but I can't find anything. I come here for my tabs, so I thought maybe people on here might know the make of this guitar. I can't get any pix of it right now, but it's all black (including the pickguard) except for the chrome piece covering the upper pickups and the surface under the volume and tone knobs. I'm not sure what type of wood the neck is made from, but the head (also black) has Magnum stamped in gold paint on it. THIS IS NOT AN OVATION (even though I wish it were).
It's a cheap starter bass branded "Magnum"

Wish you hadn't mentioned the Ovation though...there's a couple of them on ebay at the moment and I do really want one
Was it made by the same people who made *that guitar* or was it just called a Magnum? Also I think that there is a piece missing that goes over the bridge could I buy this anywhere?
Is it basically a copy of a Fender Jazz? You could get a Fender bridge cover for it. It's just a generic far-eastern brand.
Yeah, it basically is. I might pick one of those up, but maybe I'll just get a new Bass. This one is my mom's old one that she got for her 18th or 19th B-Day. Thanks for your help though.