ok i got my super awesome dean razorback and i am wondering how long will it take my dean to crap out (btw i keep it in great condition) i want to know this so i can tell when to start saving for a new guitar

ps. ive had my dean since january 8th
so dean.guitar.man, something tell me you play a fender jazz bass and have size 34D breasts yes?

if you take care of your guitar it should last you a lifetime, just dont smash it up dude. Take it into a guitar tech if you ever think anything's wrong, doing it yourself is how to lose a guitar man.
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if you keep it well it SHOULD last forever but...
*sigh* damn kids and their buying guitars they think look cool but are actually pieces of sh_t
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Even junk guitars will last a lifetime if you take care of them.
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where was it made?
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your guitar will stop working in 2 years 67 days 5 hours 21 minutes and 31 seconds.
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That guitar will supposedly last you a lifetime under ideal conditions. Although, I'd suggest getting a new guitar once you feel comfortable with your playing, and you're sure you want to pursue the instrument. It's a decent guitar to start with, but I wouldn't bank on it to help you improve any.
If you're already thinking about the next guitar, that suggests that you're not happy with the new one... this doesn't bode very well
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if you keep it well it SHOULD last forever but...
*sigh* damn kids and their buying guitars they think look cool but are actually pieces of sh_t

Maybe you should shut the **** up and realise that people have different opinions.

If you take care of it, it should last forever
dont pull the plug out will hooked up to the amp dont smash/drop it alot and keep it nice should last a very long time unless its a starter guitar then idk
I've owned my flying V since 1983 and my Les Paul since 1979, sure they have a few battle scares here and there but they still rock

Keep good care of your new guitar and it will serve you for a long, long, long time
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Should last you sometime, provided you don't do anything to speed up the knackering process.

PLus if it doesn't then your "Dean guitars 4 life" bit will be quite ironic.
Funny words.