It looks kinda eh. I would rather buy a better combo for that much.
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No no no. Beware, Guitar Center and Musicians Friend pushes the low end GK like its sliced bread. I got a GK Backline 112 dirt cheap, but its only good as a practice amp.
Ya, the low end GK stuff really doesn't have a good name, and with good reason. I've tried out that GK and it's not that great. Their's better stuff in the price range.

I was actually set on getting it at one point though in my "Fleamania" and RHCP obsession days but after trying the amp I realized it's really not that great.

- AboveTheBridge (ATB)
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I actually like my GK Backline 600 a lot, the overdrive channel aside. I can't speak for the other models, though, and at your budget you're probably better off going for a smaller combo.
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