I went thru a phase of writing some thrash a while back and forgot to post it here.

Its only 2:22 minutes and unfinished but 2 months down the line (to now) I came up with some riffs to add, which Im doing next week) so tells me what you think.

I also have a solo I must add (It wouldnt be thrash without some wankage ) so check it out!

Its on my profile ("burn the heavens")
sounds awsome im not into core but i think its good sounds kinda like an older metallica/megadeth with alot more distortion
not bad.

the drums don't sound bad, but the cymbals have the electronic sound to them.
I recommend ezDrummer.

really nice sound,
full, the way I like it, and the bass is rather distinct.(a good thing, pumps it up)

the staccato guitar style compliments the style pretty well.

good job!

crit mine?

check out "where I stand" too if you can.
Awesome, is all i can say. Really, the quality, tone and the drums sound sweet. Definately elements of old school thrash in here. I loved the riff at 1:41, and the bit afterwards, i always love harmonies. I could easily imagine a kick-ass solo in here somewhere. Get back to me when you've done it defintely. Overall, great job, get it finished! (Oh, and nice Megadeth cover, love that song)

Check mine out here, https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=818863
Thanks man!!
I will definally get back to you!

Seeing as your in england do you know the band evile?