At the moment i have an amp that has a tone that makes me sick to my stomach [literally] and I need a new amp, badly.
So im coming to UG for help.

Heres the basics for you:
-Has to be under $500 american [low budget, i know ]
-Have the distortion to play music like Job For A Cowboy and other death metal
-Im using a Jackson SLSMG.
-Cleans arent a big deal to me, really I could care less for the most part.
-I dont care if its SS or a tube, as long as it produces the tones I would like to have.
Call me Trey.
true dat
it would be hard to find it with a cab for under 500 though =(

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Quote by FRDesign
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what do u mean "+OD"?
Call me Trey.
Quote by Mudvayne_LP
what do u mean "+OD"?

an overdrive pedal. there are better options than the valveking and a pedal though IMO.
If you don't mind used, take a look at UG's classified pages. I have seen some great deals on gear/Amps right here! Also, your helping your fellow musicians out. Oh, and sometimes you can work out some trade deals. New is cool, but sometimes it is nice to let someone else pay the depreciation! Especially on a budget.


Peace and good luck!
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