Ok, i had been drinking last night and when i got home i randomly started staring at the back of my Marshall AVT275X amp, and i noticed that there are 2 FX Return jacks (L(mono), R). Then after thinking of what i could do with these i looked at the back of my ToneLab SE, and saw there was 2 outputs (L, R(mono)). What i was wondering, should i be using the setup like that, having the guitar -> amp -> tonelab (in loop)-> amp, or should i have it setup like i have for the past 6 months guitar -> tonelab -> amp.

Can someone please help and hopefully you can understand what i've just witen..

try both out. it seems more logical to place it in front of the amp but i'd simply try it out, it's not like you'll hurt it anything.
i tried out the 1st setup with the tonelab in parallel with the amp and it sounds great. i dont get horrible crackling sounds now when i bypass the tonelab just to have the amp sound like it did when i had it in serial. i need another cord tho so i can get sterio input/output...