ok so i got the DigiTech DF-7 Distortion Factory Modeling Pedal for christmas this yr and i've enjoyed it a lot. its a huge up grade from the built in overdrive from my peavey 70's amp. but...after using it for a while, im growing bored of the tones that i have set on it. they're really lifeless. prolly because im using the ones in the booklet that comes w. it. i've been experiment w. the pedal and cant find any good tones that im looking for. i usually just use the Boss settings, but some of the other models for certain artists. I use a Squier startocaster fat strat [dont diss me, i love my squier and its help up well] i've never been good with find a good tone.

i want a nice thick sound, but distorted sound...like a Green Day Tone. [their old sound or their new sound]

Also a tone that sounds like Sum 41's live sound from Chuck, or does this look infected. a nice metal, shred sound. [also like AFI, GNR, Led Zepplin, etc]

so far i've had my distortion on the max, my model swtiched on #5 [boss metal zone], with my bass and middle all the way, treble half way, distortoin all the way, and the mid freq. all the way up. its not that bad of a sound...just really lifeless. i want something better out of it w.o getting another pedel.

i really want some better tones...so if you could help me that would be great!
I suggest rolling the distortion back... more distortion doesn't equal good tone. Maybe put the gain around 6. Try putting your bass around 7 or 8, mids around 6-7, and treble anywhere from 6-8(depending on how sharp you'd like your sound to be). Use your bridge pickup and maybe roll down the tone on your guitar to about... 7ish. I dunno.

Not sure which models on that pedal to use, just kind of switch around. It's hard to help without being there and experimenting with the pedal myself. Hope that helps a little bit.

BTW: I don't know if you'll achieve a tone from those bands... I was just trying to help with your "lifeless" tone issue.

I also own the DF-7 and i felt it just wasnt a good pedal to start out with, i got swindled into buying it from a gc employee when i wanted to buy a tubescreamer. Trust me i still really regret it. Ive messed with mine forever and i found the best modeling one is 5 like you say. But all in all just not that great a pedal.
you can make digital distortion sound a lot fatter by running them into an analog chorus pedal.
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Individual stompboxes are almost always better than modelling. I get the point of mulit--effects, but surely qith overdrive/distotion you only need the one pedal that gives you thesound you want? If you haven't already found a setting you like, I doubt you will.

And by the way, why use the Boss Metal Zone setting? The real-life MZ isn't even a good pedal to start with, and it's a downright awful choice for the tones you want. Try the TS9 setting with the gain less than halfway, and the upper-mids boosted a little. Always use the least gain you can to get the sound you want - most of the bands you listed only use a light crunch.