So I found a very good reference for all the chords on a guitar but I have a question about it's layout. On some of the chord it has a O on it and I have no idea what that implies. I was wondering if you guys could help me out.


For reference go to a AM7. On the 3rd fret 1st string there is a O... What does that mean? It's on alot of other chord as well.


Look at those three. It is there when the string is muted or when there is a fingering above the circle. WTF does it mean >.<
Probably just means play the string open. Or maybe its an optional note. I looked at some of the barre chords, and it seems to be that.
I am pretty sure it doesnt imply open. I was thinking it was a optional note or like a variation on how to play it. I needed to know for sure though.
optional note - it's easy enough to work out...it's just the octave of the G, which is the actual 7th note.
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