can anyone give me songs that are easyish to play.

stuff from bands like : FFTL, Chiodos, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Escape the Fate, Dear and the Headlights, All -American Rejects, BoysLikeGirls....<----stuff like that.

or any easy tabs that like someone could easily recognize what im playing to them?

Basically all i can play is the "Iron man" main part, the star spangeled banner, a piece of niki fm, and a couple TV show themes songs stuff.

Please help && thanks.
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Secrets dont make friends by fftl is pretty sweet. and easy.
and lol at all american rejects in your list of screamo bands xD
You'er Ever So Inviting by Underoath or Reinventing Your Exit by UnderOath are pretty easy. If some1 had a good tab for it, Two as One by FFTL would be pretty easy i think.

And why are All-American rejects and Boys Like Girls in your screamo list??
Anything by DDG tends to be pretty easy to play, and the first album from The Devil Wears Prada is quite easy too

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screamo is more of a singing style then a playing style. I saw this local band one time that was steamo but their playing was really good, early metallica but little bit slower and more bluesy leads. Sucks though i would listen to them if they would get rid of the singer it ruined most of the songs. I asked for an instrumental version of their songs but they didn't have any.
haha i just realized i put those bands under screamo.
the last three bands are just some of my favorite bands.
i completely forgot a bout the title. my baaaad.
thanks for calling me out on it. cause i didnt even know i did that.

anywho thanks. && i know screamo is more of a singing style, i guess i should of said screamo bands tabs. i don't know.
i don't think he considers that screamo :P
i hate how there are no "real" screamo tabs (like Saetia)
just this post-hardcore stuff
but oh well...