ok this is probably the wrong place to put this but oh well.....

ok, so ive been playin nearly a year now, and i consider myself pretty good with chords and that stuff, but im gonna be honest, i completely suck ass at soloing, mainly because i cant really find many good songs with very easy solos to start me off.... i can play the one in smells like teen spirit, seven nation army (white stripes)
and the first little solo from sweet home alabama. i have looked at the list of beginner solos and have been trying all day to learn hells bells and ive got every riff cracked except the solo, i am kind of getting there but its driving me crazy because i know there has to be easier solos to start me off........can anyone suggest any easy solos, or an easier way of learning how to play (and remember) the harder ones?

any help would be really appreciated
it seems you have a problem with finger dexterity if easy solos are still puttin' you off. I recommend doing some exercises that will strengthen your fingers and improve speed. Even playing up and down a box pattern to a metronome will work out those fingers. You can even do the infamous chromatic excercise with hammer ons and pull-offs. Like:


all the way up the neck(some people hate this exercise but I think it's a good finger work-out)

This falls into the "easier way of learning how to play" bit. As for other solos, I always recommend Hendrix songs to warm-up your fingers for learning to cover solos.
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thanks a million man, but 1 question on that excercise is that playing all the strings at the same time or just one at a time
one at a time


E 1-2-3-4
G 1-2-3-4
B 1-2-3-4
D 1-2-3-4
A 1-2-3-4
E 1-2-3-4

You get the point. Just slow down a bit, it takes time, I've been playing 2 years'ish and am just learning to solo blues type stuff, I really dont do other peoples solos, put on a backing track and jam.

EDIT: the stupid txt isnt displaying right so just hit 1234 on E then 1234 on A then 1234 on D etc.
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I don't know if you've heard them, but Hardcore Superstar's Bag On Your Head has a pretty easy solo. There is a Guitar Pro tab for it here on UG. Try that. You should nail that after a day or two if you have played for a year.
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