9th song.

This is my latest metal piece, I tried to create a bit more of an epic atmosphere with this one. This is also my first song to include not one, nor even two, but three solos. So we shall see how that goes.

This is the first of a three part trilogy, all Progressive Melodic/Thrash songs, so if you like this one, look out for the rest in the upcoming weeks.

Crit for crit, of course.
Machinations pt.1 .zip
Critting as i listen. The lead is superb!. bars 13-21 are awesome. Bar 26 is really really good. I like the progression there. The first solo could of been better. Bar 46 till J is awesome. It sounds better being as a 12 string lol. That small lead at 69 is a nice touch.
The solo at 73 is better than the last one. bar 85 has some nice rhythm work. I only counted 2 solos lol weres the third? anyways great job 9/10 c4c https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=823979
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I counted from I to J as a solo, but I guess you *could* call it just a lead. Thanks for the crit, I'll get right on yours.
That was prety cool,doest sound prog to me but still :P
The accoustic part were super cool especialy the second one. But the E part is repeated to much (And its the weakest riff to..).

Good job,looking forward to the other 2 parts.
Another good piece from Broadsword.

The lead during E was really catchy, and all the soloing was excellent. The song created a nice atmosphere. The riff at J was great as well. I cant think of any part that I didnt like.

Although, I couldnt really tell why the Choir Ahs were there, cause I could never really hear them. Also, sometimes the leads tended to get a little muddy with the rhythms (during the intro, and the acoustic lead).
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The theme in the beggining i kind of boring. By C, I'm starting to get sick of it.

Cool riff at 14.

That first solo is sick.

Hooray for 12-string awesomness. That's a really well wirtten part. The 2 layered parts sounds amazing.

The solo at K is great.

Good use of triplets at M.

Overall, very good piece. I'll give it an 8.5/10 because of some repetitiveness issues.
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First of all thanks for the crit.

The Solo's were fantastic, as were the leads.
I like D and E alot, J is pretty sick too.
I LOVE the solo at K.
The Acoustic parts are exceptional imo.
Not really anything bad to say about this, except for intro i found a little boring.
Just cause its the same

This is an awesome song man, the intro was just a bit long imo. (if there were lyrics over it, then it probably wouldn't be)

But great stuff man, 8.5/10
Thanks for the crit man!

I wasn't overly huge on the intro, it just seemed you were trying to hard to be "epic". at D, it really started to pick up, very nicely done. The acoustic seemed to fast; maybe slow it down a bit. Wasn't really fond of G. I really enjoyed H; it was pretty melodic. The second solo was pretty balling. It was a pretty good song man; wasn't the best - but it was good.
That was an amazing lead. Sounded kinda like folk metal but also kinda had a little progressive feel to it. I dunno amazing though
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