Hello to all you great people. I pretty much know the basics of the guitar and am midway between beginner and advanced. I'm a bit bored of my acoustic and am looking for an electric since all the songs I listen to use the electric. For a budget range between $300 - $500, what would you guys recommend as a good electric guitar for shredding and of the sort? Responses appreciated. Thank you!
An Ibanez RG of almost any sort would be good, like an RG321 or RG421. Also look at the S series, especially if you are interested in locking trems.
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in all seriousness, I would agree with qotsa, ibanez is an amazing brand, and every guitar of theirs that I've owned has been of great quality.
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You really can't get that good of a guitar for your price range, but you could get a used one if you looked hard enough. A Gibson Les Paul Studio is one of the best guitars you can buy, but they'll set you back about $1,500, but that's new. You could probably go to your local music store and ask around.
If you want one for shredding, i'm not sure, but Ibanez is always a good choice for metal fans.

Do you have an amp???