So I've been thinking on getting a new axe , right now i currently have a Squier Fat Strat made by Fender, plays really well through my Marshall. I don't really have much cash but I'm planning on saving and buying a Gibson Les Paul VOS 1958 , but for now since I have about 200$ should I just invest in some good quality pickups or wait it out till I have enough for the Les Paul, cause either way I'm gonna buy some different pickups for the Les Paul. And if I do decide to get new pickups , what should I get, I play hard rock, and i'm in a alternative metal. I wan't sometihng with versatility so I can play some metal stuff and some classic Jimmy Page or Slash riff's.
well save up, cause you only have $200
and also its squier strat, and squiers have a bad reputation
just buy something better, and the you upgrade the pickups later if you really need to
but i doubt it
new amp!!!

you mightnt realise it, but that MG is abismal.

absolute garbage.

if you get a gibson, itll be wasted throught a bad amp. get somethign like a peavey classic 30, peavey valveking. hell, you could even get a good tube marshall for gibson les paul money

an epiphone les paul through a good amp will wipe the floor with a gibson through a bad amp.

new pups wont help your squire with a bad amp either, i bet it sounds good through a decent valve combo too....
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
If you're looking to improve your sound, the first thing you should do is sell your MG half-stack and get a valve amp. An Epiphone Les Paul through a valve amp would sound better than a Gibson VOS through your MG.