what do x's, ( ), and how do you play this
do i finger pick it?or what do i do?

also, whats a good easy to learn song that is easy to learn(entire song) and isn't too confusing.
An x means that you mute the string and pluck it to get a percussive sound (not to get a specific note).

You could fingerpick it, or play the bottom G with your pick, and the top one with a finger.
okay, x's are usally muted strings, Idk what u mean with the
() and you do fingerpick that tab, what kinda music do u like we can help u easier if u tell us what kinda music u wanna play
umm.. right now im mostly into nirvana(well im a big nirvana fan), and alot of acid rock(60's stuff) but, i listen to it all, so any good song would be nice. thanks for the help, most people on forums, are far from nice...
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