I wrote this with an almost doom metal feel in kind. Quite poetic.

As the thin texture of the tapestry
Runs across my tender fingers
The magnificent abstractions come to life

Chaotically the colors bend and merge
In a fashion seemingly not of this world

Explosions ripple across my mind
Sending shapes flying sporadically through space
Filling in the once empty recess of all

Silence, Peace, Serenity.
All is calm.
As I was reding the first stanza I really was NOT thinking doom metal in the slightest, but as the peice prgressed it exploded into my thoughts (i know, horrible pun) and it hit me that it would work VERY well. Mostly the last two stanzas.

its pretty short and sweet so i dont have too too much to say, actully i have almost nothing to say, for some reason, and it was most likely just me, the word tender stood out and didnt work to well, im thinkin you could choose a much better word to fit there. other then that minor thing i think it works on all levels.
sorry i couldnt be of more help, but i basicly just commented to tell you how much i like it,