when i do a bend up about a whole step, my fingers go up under the other strings. I was under the impression, that when bending, you were supposed to push the other strings up that are above the string you are bending. Does that make any sense lol?
I used to have some problems with that and it happened occasionally for me (especially in the mid area of the neck), but it's not hard at all to fix. The problems with doing it like that are:

1) It looks stupid
2) It causes a lot of unneeded noise from the other string
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It doesn't fit my playing style at all so I figured it would be good for me
you action may be to high. Or your finger positioning could be off.
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Try using three fingers for the bend (incase you arent) and the third finger is fretting, the second and first are surporting it. Then, try to move your fingers at a angle, then more like a in a downward motion (towards the ground) with you guitar in postion, and experiment to find where it works best.
Or maybe your strings are quite high above the frets. What guitar do you play?