I'm torn between the two; I can buy a new v16 for only $280 that will most likely be a vietnam made model, or I can take my chances and wait until a used USA v32 shows up on craigslist for under $335 and get it shipped over to me before I even play it.

I am mostly going to be playing in my room, and occasionally playing along with drums.

So what do you guys think? get the vietnam v16 for $280, or try to get a used USA v32 shipped over to me?

I'm skeptical about getting the v32 because I'm afraid it won't sound how I want it to since I can't try it before I buy it. The amp may even have problems when I receive it and since I had it shipped over, I would be stuck with iit. I really want the separate clean/distortion channels though, which I hear the v16 lacks.

And there are no v32s in my local area, nor have there been for a few weeks.

So what do you guys think?
I own an American made V16, and its an amazing amp, and the 15 watts is perfect for bedroom practice and small gigs. I play with a drummer regularly and I cut through.

Though, I would suggest waiting for the V32 because it will be worth it in the long run.
alright how about peavey classic 30? It seems that most users on this forum REALLY like the classic 30 more than the palomino v32, although when I search for "peavey classic 30 vs. crate palomino 32" on the internet, everyone else says the v32 is better.

So should I look for a USA made used palomino v32, or a peavey classic 30?

I want it pretty much only for the OD by the way; the cleanest I go is either jimi hendrix/stevie ray vaughan stuff, which usually still have a somewhat distorted sound.

I'm going to try them both out at the store again (already tried them side by side, but I'm starting to think maybe the peavey classic wasn't working properly because when I tried them out, the palomino was FAR better)
MIA Palominos are easily the best amp in the price range IMO. I like them even more than the more expensive Classic 30. I would try to find a V32 on ebay because you could get one cheaper than 335 I think. Also, craigslist is for dealing locally and not getting things shipped.
thanks acdcrocks, you have been very helpful to me for finding my new amp.

there is an american v32 on ebay right now, less than a day left now. It's been up for a few days and it's in my price range.

Do you think I'll be able to get it? Or do you think a lot of people are waiting until the last second to bid?

I feel like I have a good shot at getting this amp, so hopefully no one bids on it now that there's less than a day left.
Ya people are definently waiting out till the last second, thats usually how all bids go.
They will most likely wait till the last second, but if you make a nice bid now you might ward off potential buyers looking for a steal. Worst case scenario is you find a Classic 30 or V16 in you pricerange. Still, that's a really good worst case scenario for some great amps.