This is me playing stricken by disturbed.

It has the first three riffs then most of the solo.

I've only been playing for about 7 months i started learning this song about a week ago.


Let me know if you like it.

By the way If anyone wants to know im playing on a fender squier strat model with a horrible first act amp.
you didnt have enough beats in the main verse. you also need to palm mute it. as for the main chorus, when you do the first 2 main measures, there is a small pause before you continue on. if you listen to the song a little more, you'll find it.

the solo was waaaaay too fast lol. slow it down a little bit.

the video was out of focus also, i had to go to this page again so i wouldnt hurt my eyes anymore lol.

i actually just recently learned this song also! its very fun to play.

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you're on your way, just get cleaner with your palm muting
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it sounded a little bit fast and the distortion was kind of wierd. i think u shud get a backing track, too. but very good 4 only seven moths playing. stick with it!