So I am looking at buying a volume pedal, I decided that the Earnie Ball VP Jr would be a good start, one, thing though. I noticed it has a model made to go well with passive pick ups and a model made to go well with active pick ups. I have guitars with both, mostly passive, but a couple rocking actives.

So my main question for anyone with knowledge is what difference does it make? If I used an active one on the one made for passive will it have some vicious hiss or hum or wreck the tone of something?
I have no idea on VP's, but I'm guessing because actives use batteries and passives do not?
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It's all about the pot that's in the pedal. It won't ruin the tone, it's just a little better for each type. If you're going to be using both the passive model will probably be better, it has a higher input impedance so your active pickups will just be a little brighter, that's all.
The impedance is much different on actives than it is with passives. On MF, theres something about it on the new fender volume and volume/tone pedals.