What is everyone's opinion on Godin's line of electrics. I was looking into the LG P90 guitar. Is this model good? Would I be better off with a strat or tele? I play classic rock, jazz and a little hard rock. Thanks
The musicstore which holds my lessons have a crap-load of them. I think they are a pretty reliable guitar, even though I have not tried one out myself. Most of them dont have a whammy-bar appliable bridge, but it seems like you wont need it much, unless you mean stuff like Van Halen or Ozzy. I'd test them out though before you buy one.

But a brand name most people know of (dont get me wrong, some brands are waiting to be found), is, of course, better. Like strats. They are alot more money I'm sure.
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Have one at school along with two american strats. I think it is much more versitile than the strats, Has humbuckers, a 13 pin, and a plug that makes it sound the same as an accoustic. I have not even had time to try everything out yet because I usually use one of the strats. The one at school also has a rather thick neck though. They are very good quality.
their great guitars that are made in canada with quality materials.
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i remember many years ago I played one and I fell in love with it. I got so angry at myself for not remembering what brand it was other than that it started with "g". I think they are nice instruments. I get a vibe from the company's website.
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