so i bought pick ups for my project and they have a good clean tone with more buzz than should be there and with distortion its unbearable. the pickups are supposed to be for distortion but it just sounds nasty. umm i was told that it was the groundingbut i fixed that and it helped very little. the guitar was missing a capacitor so i put like 3 on that should equal the same. i just want to know if that might be the problem. oh and the pick ups are might mites if anyone can tell me whether those are just crap.
look over every single solder joint. chances are theres a loose connection or bad joint somewhere. look for, well, anything thats loose or any dull (non-shiny) solder.
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Does your guitar kinda "pop" when you touch the strings? Does the amount of buzz change at all when you touch your strings?
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Try lowering the pickups.
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yeah the buzz changes when i touch the strings but i dont think theres a "pop"

Does it get quieter?
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^it should, I'm just trying to make sure it does. Often times there can be a grounding problem with the bridge and when you touch the strings it either doesn't do anything or the hum gets louder. I'm just trying to eliminate that.

Failing a grounding issue, you should double check your solder joints just to be sure they are all good. If they are fine then then make sure you got your colour coading right when you soldered in the pickups. Chances are that is fine too and in all honesty I think the dodgy dealings with the tone cap are what is doing your tone in. Try compleatly unhooking the tonepots and see if it still does it.
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well when i touch the strings it doesnt really get quieter it just makes a different buzz. and all the solder joints look good.im starting to think i bought crap for pick ups.
^ It isn't the pickups.

Did you try disconecting your tone knobs yet? If not then do that and see what happens. I still think that is the most likely cause

I also think it's possible that wire that grounds your pickups to your bridge has broken because the hum should get quieter when you touch your strings. To test it get a couple feet of electrical wire. Solder 1 end to your ground on your guitar and then turn everything on. Now take the other end of the wire and touch that to your strings and touch the strings with your finger. Does that make it hum less? If so it's your bridge's ground. If the hum remains the same then it's probably your tonestack with the wrong caps on there.
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