Would a dual rec work with a generic footswitch or would you need a mesa one? I've got a generic "Johnson" brand switch that works with Marshalls, but I was wondering if it would work with a mesa too.
Nope. Mesa amps have a proprietary cable that looks something like a midi cable. Why do you care anyway, Mesa amps come with footswitches...
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why would i buy one new? way too expensive when i could go used for 800$ less. and used ones aren't guaranteed to come with a footswitch.
If you're buying one of the higher end ones you better make sure it comes with one or I wouldn't even bother buying it unless it's an extremely good deal.

The cheaper amps' footswitches cost $100 or higher new. I'd make sure you buy one with a footswitch. I could've bought a Mark IV with brand new tubes, still packaged in the box from Eurotubes for $1100, but it didn't come with a footswitch. To me, that amp was then worth about $900 at most, the footswitch costs $240 new.
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