Allright, well i've got an epiphone sg g-310 n a vox valvetronix n hate both, not the tone i'm wanting.

I'm looking for a tone more like kings of leon or the strokes. I've also got a 70's semi-acoustic with pickups thats getting fixed. Anybody know how i can achieve this tone? a new amp? i'd be willing to sell this one but don't know what to get instead
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I dunno. Irekon you could get a good enough tone out of a valvetronix. Its not like its a mesa boogie or anything.
The Strokes use Hotrod DeVilles, so i would get maybe a Bules Deluxe or a Crate Palomino amp, and set the gain low or get an OD pedal. Your semi-acoustic should work well for that tone, as well.