Poll: Are Parkway Drive metal or metalcore?
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Parkway Drive are Metal
0 0%
PArkway Drive are Metalcore
19 100%
Voters: 19.
Greetings all.
Last month I went to a Parkway Drive concert. It was one of the most ****ing wicked concerts I've ever gone to! But then the question came to mind... Are parkway metal or metalcore? Its been bugging me a bit, and different people have told me different things, so I thought i would come here for answers. Please help me with this pathetic and small dilemma!!!
btw theyre metalcore
****ty metalcore
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metalcore. trust me, I'm a metalcore promoter. I have to know the difference
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First of all, metalcore is metal.

That said, they're metalcore, with some pretty blatant hardcore influences.