I have an Ibanez RG4EXQM1 and I want to change the pickups to Seymour-Duncan Blackouts, but my friend says its gonna be insanely difficult. So, my question is this: How do you change the pickups on this? Is it really that hard?
ive never changed my pickups to active pickups, but its supposedly harder than changing passive pickups to other passive
I had to get a replacement after I broke my G string. What a pain in the ass!
no sense in being into guitar, laying down thousands in a lifetime for equipment and not know how to fix things yourself. So consider it a learning experience haha.

But most active pickups, come with plugs rather then just soldering wires. So its really as easy as changing the potentioments they give you... which require you know how to unscrew something.... and plug in the wires to the right places... thats really about it, hah.

But with passive pickups its basically the same idea, but instead of easy to use plugs, you gotta solder wire A to point B.
If you wanna learn the right way to solder theres actually a lot of how to videos on youtube I believe. 15$ and a little bit of practice and thats all you need. Just remember that the solder should not actually touch the soldering iron unless your tinning it :P
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It's not that hard. You just need to be handy with a soldering iron.

Before your change pickups...Let me ask you...

What kind of amp do you have?

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Agreed. New pickups won't do squat for you.

Likewise agreed.

It's simply not worth bothering - something like the Spider doesn't really care what pickups you have. It's a beginners practice amp, and they're designed in the knowledge that a lot of people will be plugging entry level guitars into them. The Spider is a great leveller - everything will sound pretty much the same because just as the processing will compensate for a bad guitar it'll also ignore the things that make a good guitar good, like decent pickups.
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