Yes my name is Tim,
i have a problem...

i have been playing guitar for 4 years now...
right now i am playing on a squire strat.
i am wondering how i can get a better sound out of it, its not worth putting new pickups on it due to the cracks around the bolt on neck, the horrible fret buzz, the insainly high action.
i tried adjusting the truss rod before (i probably only f****** it up lol) but i dont think it would really matter because the action is so high to kill off fret buzz and the cracks on body wouldnt seem to have much improvement.

but i am wondering....

if i can raise or lower the pickups to get a better sound out of it, not only that i have this problem with them, the magnet (or whatever you call it) on the pickups for the G string are higher than any of the other magnets...
this is giving it a horrible sound, when i play clean stuff it is rather diff, as far as picking and such because i have to pick the g string alot softer than the others, but the main problem is with power chords, when i strum them the g string stands out like a sore dick... and seems to destroy my overall tone...

can you take apart the pickups and mess with the magnets? that dosent
seem healthy but if it will work

i am currently running my guitar threw a :
-Randall RG200 combo amp
-a boss CS-3 compression sustainer
-a boss CE-2 chorus pedal
-a boss Hm-2 heavy metal pedal ( i dont use much because i can get a good enough distortion out of my amp)
-a crybaby
-a volume pedal
-a boss bcb-6 pedal board (more of a pedal carring case lol)

i am embarresed to have a fortune in equipment and a $99 dollar guitar (exaggerated price-unsure of actual price)

I also am in a band as a rythem guitarist, i havent giged with them yet, but they want me to for the first time, next weekend.

and my ****ty little squire is no match for the Les Paul our lead guitarist uses...

im a little embarresed lol!

but after all it is about how well you can play rather than the insturment

im looking to get a jackson soon...

If you think you can help me, please do so thank you
i would take it in and have it professionally set up since you really dont know what your doing. Its fairly cheap and you'll be amazed at the differance in the action, and the fret buzz will all but be gone. this is a good way to prolong the life of your guitar untill you get a new one, not to mention a little maintenance is needed from time to time just like a car.
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When i used to have the problem with the G string i would buy a new set of strings, then by a single acoustic G string and use that. it worked for me.
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Quote by acerst
When i used to have the problem with the G string i would buy a new set of strings, then by a single acoustic G string and use that. it worked for me.

that doesnt sound like it would work...
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