I'm not sure what to get. I've heard good and bad things about both. I can spend 1200. I play classic rock, hard rock and thrash metal and was wondering if there was a better guitar for me. I know im paranoid about making a bad choice but i want the best guitar i can get. I use a vox ad30vt thanks.
WEll i have the same amp and a guitar similar to what you want. I <3 schetcer guitars in general especially the hellraiser actually im kinda pissed i didnt shell out the extra dough for the hellraiser :-\. I have little experiance with the classic but trust me you cant go wrong with the hell raiser.
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saw a hellraiser. played a hellraiser. own a hellraiser. get a hellrasier.
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hah i was in same boat i was going to get an ephipone les paul custom
and GC had a hellraiser and it owns noobs!

it can do thrash plus it can do classic rock

the emgs arent bad for rock but u the duncans on the classic are going to be way better for classic rock
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perhaps i have a superb epiphone. the japanese man must have gotten laid and won the lottery right before he made my guitar. whatever.
well all the metal i really play is metallica and pantera so i guess i play more classic rock. Btw would you consider van halen classic rock. Also i heard the tone knob is a bit cheap on the classic, is it a huge problem.
schecters are good if you want to jump on the band-wagon like every other kid with rich parents. i bought myself a classic 2 years ago, excellent guitar at the time, now i wont take it outside of my house because every other snob in the world has one.

i am looking forward to seeing this new washburn heavy metal guitar...

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saw a hellraiser. played a hellraiser. own a hellraiser. get a hellrasier.

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