I have this 80s Kramer star-body in need of a new pick up. I'm looking for a warm and fuzzy sound, somewhat close to early Sabbath. If you know of anything that is similar to what I want, please let me know. Thanks.
tony iommi has a signature gibson pickup, maybe research that.
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Bridge pickup, I guess you mean then? Depends how much you're willing to spend, but any typical medium-output alnico 'bucker ('59, or PAF Pro territory) will do the job fine, depending how good the amp is.
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If you don't like your tone, the problem is probably your Spider.

They don't do classic rock that well.

Besides, changing your pickup isn't really going to make as big a difference as you think. Your amp is a far bigger influence on your tone than your pickups.

I was thinking that too, but I have a sneaky suspicion that this guitar doesn't actually have a pickup

For warm, fuzzy and kind of dated the Dimarzio Super Distortion is a great fit.
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Well, if it still has the old pickup, I highly doubt that the pickup is broken...Pickups don't break easily.

The guitar is my dad's, and he said when he gets the electronics fixed, he wanted a new pickup.