Love Turns Into Rage

It's a sad truth but sometimes a scream
Feels even better than a laugh
She's two kinds of girl and you only appeal
To her weaker half
He's a drug that feels bad
When he's feeling good
She knows she shouldn't but she still
Feels like she should

Some get so used to the dark they see
Discomfort in the light
I'm sure she sees you as a new day
That's shining far too bright
He's the far end of a dark alley
He's drugged her with his tricks
And each time she ends up going back
For just one more fix

She knows as well as you
That she needs to break the cage
But it's such a lovely agony
When love turns into rage
We all know it's wrong
But to her it's not so strange
There's comfort in the agony
When love turns into rage

She starts to have withdrawls
Each time she starts to smile
And we're all hoping it's a cycle
That will crash in a short while
But he keeps on coming 'round
To administer the shot
And she's the type that will always say
"Yes please" to what he's got