Who else watches this on the Food Network? Its pretty crazy. Swearing every five seconds. I was watching one in Paris and they went to the Moulin Rouge, and there was titties. On the Food Network!! Hell Yeah!!! I love this show.
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Food Network is the greatest.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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"and there was titties" haha wow man.

lol. Even I found that funny while I was typing it up.
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how i love that show/network.
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It was such a good suggestion you gave him pi?

yeah, he gave me pi.
i had a kitchen nightmare once. it involved me, a knife and my girlfriend lying down in a pool of her own blood.
then i woke up.
I havn't missed an episode yet, gotta love it!

This French dudes going off at Gorden, so he goes "You French pig, you f&cking C*nt

I was laugh for much time after that!
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You can make that in a day. Give blowjobs in your school bathroom for 10 bucks.

That's how I paid the downpayment on my car.
I've never heard of this show! When is it on?

Edit: I looked it up it's like the spin off of hell's kitchen and its on fox in the US. boo
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Man I LOVE that show!!

There was one a few weeks back, and the owner of some resturant in hollywood got soooooo pissed off at ramsay. It was priceless :Haha
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