hey everyone, don't know if i posted this in the right spot or not.
I just made up this riff that i want to use in a song, but it sounds like the intro Master Exploder, i looked at the tab and they are completely different,

should i use the riff anyway or should i not use it and avoid plagiarism claims?
post the tab for your song.
If you dont find theory interesting, then DONT study it. IF your TRULY serious about playing guitar(enjoying), then EVENTUALLY you WILL WANT to study it.
i've been comparing the 2 for a while now, they're both played on differen't spots on the neck, mine's different in pitch,
i messed around with my riff for a while and eventually got this, to me it doesn't sound like a huge rip off of master exploder

The rhythm is pretty important, too.

Another thing: Even if they're played different places on the neck with different pitches, they may be the same thing in different keys, which is no good either.