let me start off by saying sorry, if this happens to be in the wrong forum.

I have a relatively (bought it a few weeks ago) new acoustic guitar (yamaha apx500), and while i was tuning down the high e string (to go into open g) the string snapped.
tuning down ,mind you.
Now, these strings might have been a bit old (though they don't appear to be), but i don't actually know their age because i haven't strung this guitar since buying it.

the string snapped around the tuning peg, if not right at it.

anyone have any ideas as to why it would snap while decreasing it's tension?
whoever put the strings on before probably overlapped them around the peg causing it to weaken. then u released the tension and it moved and just snapped. thats my best guess.
This happened to me recently, but I was taking off my strings to lower my saddle.

This is probably the wrong forum, try the acoustic guitar one.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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happened to me wednesday night
whole new set of strings today though
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so, i had a friend suggest that it might be a sharp tuning peg, but it's likely just a coincidence and i should just restring and forget about it?
(and to will_minus, i put it in this forum because it wasnt really an acoustic guitar question, it's more a general string... tuning peg type thing)
Guitar Gear & Accessories or Basics would have been the forums of choice for this Q. But yeah, I don't think it's anything to worry about, unless it happens again of course.
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Sorta the same thing happened to me once when I was stringing my acoustic. I was putting the low E string on, and had just started winding when the string snapped at the tuner. And it hardly had any tension on it.

The guy at the guitar shop said it had something to do with the way I wrapped the string around the tuner...
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