I wish to possibly save money by buying a cheaper guitar and swapping out the pickups to match the quality of a higher priced guitar(Not that much higher)

But I've never swapped pickups... or ever used a soldering iron for that matter!
Is it difficult? Or can I simply use an easy step by-step-esque approach with a diagram? with extreme precaution of course....
wel when u buy pickups they come with a diagram on how to wire it so you should be fine if u follow the instructions
I've heard it's fairly difficult, unless you use the searchbar.
I want Super Saiyan abilities
yah, i assumed they came diagrams and such.. but is the process difficult?
Soldering isn't hard, unless you are spectacularly stupid. Just make sure you don't burn anything. As long as you don't go dropping the wires inside a hollowbody or something and you follow the directions, you should be fine.
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