I'm more of an intemediate player now, and i have an epiphone les paul and a 15w First Act amp.

I was wondering if a zoom gfx3 pedal would be a good choice. I really only play for fun/with friends and wanted a decent pedal. I was also considering a line 6 spider 3 amp. Which would be a better choice?
but, Metallica is good too
heh, 15w amp..
those first act amps always suck.

a zoom gfx3 is going to sound horrible through most amps anyway.. multi-effects pedals like that usually only sound good when playing direct.

line 6 amps don't sound too good either though.

I'm sure the gfx3 sounds ok when playing direct but if you're going to use it as a pedal in an amp, especially a 15w first act amp.. it won't.
Im kind of new to this stuff, so what exactly is playing direct?
but, Metallica is good too