Hell Yeah.
Wrote this in one day. I think it's my best piece, so far.
The riffs are pretty straight forward, but sounds good
as hell. I MAY give it to my band to play.
I Need to know what you guys think.

[2 Guitars, Bass, Drums]
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i think the break section sounds pretty good

the drums in the chorus sound a bit wierd and the whole thing just gets to repetitive

in the intro maybe u could harmonize those single notes
its really repetitive and the riffs are sort of boring.
maybe you should take more time to write a song next time, put a bit more effort into your riffs.


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It was uber repetitive, and kinda generic sounding, nothing said "I WROTE THIS!"
Really generic. Most of your riffs sounded the same, or have been done before.
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Sorry to say, but it was a little boring... Same thing over and over again. No soul and no emotions...
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