The comments on that page are so dumb. People are really good at making the obvious sound like news.
They're all probably 12 year olds.


"I got this pedal today.When I use it , my mt-2 said"I'm qoite.The ML-2 is better than me."The MT-2's sound might be eaten in a band(by kb vocal and drum).But ML-2 isn't.So the ML-2 is my favorite Boss pedal."

Metal Core = ass

ok got that out

and yes people are stupid
buy a pedal, day they get it, they think its the best pedal they've ever owned. Well they just put down 100 bucks on it. Of course they think its good

I bought the DigiTech Metal Master

It was like $50 bucks off cuz it was used or something,
still set me back $100

I thought it was the shi* until I went and tried my friend's Boss
I love my Metal Core pedal....it sucks to see such idiots using them.
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