i'm thinking about buying a epiphone lp 100. i just want to know abit more about the guitar. anyone played it or own it? and how much would it cost to make the colour pure white with everything on the guitar white? like bucketheads gibson les paul 1959.
Look into an Agile AL2000.
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Agile :s? Never heard of em, i just googled them and found the site Rondo Music that stocks alot of Agile, Douglas and SX. Never heard of any of them. What Pups are on it?
LP100's are very...sub-par.
Getting it all done white including the hardware...more than the cost of the guitar itself.

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Save up for an Epiphone SG-G400, or an Epiphone Les Paul Studio.
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dont get it if your gunno get a low level epiphone get a special 2 its the same thing as the 100 except no pick gaurd. i agree get an agile or save for an sg