Hello everyone of
I have of a (do not judge me on this of, it came with my guitar pack of) a fender sp 10, very crappy of amp
My question is this. I bought a distortion pedal, and I have of no idea how to hook it up. On my amp, it has of a headphone and an input, and the pedal has input and outpout on of it.
I DID try to read on google how to hook it up of, but I keep getting varied answers of, so I thought I would ask people who may be able to help of.
Also, yes I understood it would need of TWO chords, so I have two, I have a power adapter of for the pedal, and what should be all the nescassary, although I did see that I need maybe an Output slot on the amp of, but this did not make much sense to me...
Thank you for any help
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Which distortion was it?
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Quote by darkarbiter7
Which distortion was it?

nothing of to fancy, a fender starcaster brand of distortion. Once I learn more, maybe of in a few months to being a year of, I will go for something better of.
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