You know that powder you use to mix milk and ice tea? What happens if you eat that stuff on it's own >__>

I went to make some strawberry milk but instead had a few big spoons of just the powder. It kicks ass.

Is it fine or should I stop?
No. If you dont mix with milk, you die a thousand deaths.
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i dunno, mix it with peanut butter or something and you'll be fine
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Sorry if it's a stupid question -_-

I just want to make sure if I eat it on it's own form I wouldn't get a stomachache or anything like that. Wouldnt want to learn the hard way <__<
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Also, prepare for violent diarrhea TS.

With all the spam, I just assumed this was spam when I saw a guy being stupid. I was hasty.

And TS, apologies for reporting you, and eating Nesquik powder is silly, but the worst that will happpen is you will be sick.
I like the taste of the powder stuff you're supposed to mix up into Lemonade.

Of course, I only lick the container after it's mostly empty. One time there was too much in it, and I about went on the floor from choking.
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Well how many spoons is the limit before getting sick

This stuff is good :/

Different for everyone. No way to say.
hmm, so you do the Q too? hell of a high.
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