I have an Ovation Ultra 1527 series acoustic. This guitar is discontinued, and I'm just wondering how much it's worth. I can't find any sort of price anywhere, or anyone selling a used one. Does anyone have a clue of how much I could fetch for it?
Some guy in 2004 was trying to sell one with a case for $400.
And then some Ovation Price guide says between $575 and 699 depending on the year (not sure if used).

Thats all I was able to find, hope it helped somewhat if any.
Ovations don't really hold their value that well. If your talking Martin or Taylor you will be seeing better value on a used one. Ovations are not generally highly thought of nor prized.
^--- kinda depends on the model. the USA made ovations (elite, legend, balladeer) are pretty friggin sweet and are highly though of and prized.

i'm not familiar with that particular model. sorry.
I understand some people's "complaints" about Ovation (especially on unplugged sound), and I have to admit that even the one I own now doesn't sound the best unplugged. But it's pretty sweet when plugged to an amp, and the reason I still keep mine is due to its solid construction with good intonation at higher frets.