Heres a new song i just finished up today, its a solid mix of metal and rock in my opinion, id love any feedback, and ill c4c! thanks alot guys its on my myspace page cause my ug profile is being gay

Very good intro, nice mood. You might want to turn up the more distorted bit some, as there is a very noticable volume drop when it changes over from the intro. The guitar tone is excellent.... but just too quiet like I said. Throw some vox in this and you'd have a truly amazing piece. Also, nice solo man
I don't like the style but well that's because I hate that nu-metalish style .
But it sounds amazing man. Great drums, guitar... It sounds quite "Breaking Benjamin"ish if you ask me. It sounds really professional. Maybe you could find someone over myspace or youtube to throw some vocals in there?

EDIT: Awesome solo man. Great end.

Very nice !
I'd only suggest you to turn the volume up a little, and add some vocals.
It feels a bit empty or something without them.
Other than that great work !
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i liked it, even though this is not my kind of music, the guitar tone was very nice and it was well constructed. it just needs vocals. good job
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Ill listen as i write. right ok, needs vocals definatly. Almost incubus-y without the funk. Not a bad style, i like it. Intro is definatly louder, snare does need more bass as originally stated. Not much tho, guitar tone is nice throughout. Maybe could do with a middle 8, with some clean guitar etc. Could sound cool.

Hold that thought, just heard one that was good. Hmm solo is nice but the tapping thing goes on a little too long, i prefer to hear tapping thats short and sweet, only a few seconds. Personal taste though.

Really good track, well done

7/10 with some vocals could be a 9-dare i say, 10?

Thanks for the crit on mine,

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