Im soon to be getting a torino tr1. I've heard there really good guitars from a few reviews but are they EMG 81/85 worthy?. i was thinking of getting some for my birthday.

I honestly think you'd be better off spending the $300 towards a better guitar rather than putting new pickups in a Greg Bennet, but I'm just going to assuming your after generic br00tal tone, so go for it.
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put the money towards a better amp for ****sake.
also no they are not worthy of emgs lol
its got duncan designs in it anyways, why bother changing?
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Actually I have a Gregg Bennett Avion 3 with EMG 85/81. Gregg Bennett guitars are very good craftmanship, but really poor electronics work. So if you like the guitar GO FOR IT, and if you have a crappy amp go for that after the EMG's.
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