Ignore the rough draft...I just haven't taken it down yet.

So we recorded some demos...they're in my profile. I know the vocals are a little loud, and the drums aren't balanced well(electric kit)...any thoughts other than that?

I'll try and mix them better when I get a chance, but we didn't have time to multitrack so I'm not sure how much good it will do

I'm the bassist, by the way...how was my tone?

We were all DI'd from our line-outs, except for the rhythm guitarist who went straight to the system from her pedal.
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singer was good, jesus isnt a good lyrical topic at all. please mix that.
dont take any guff from these bastards man

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...not a good lyrical topic...for a christian band?

Mix it how? I already know the drums and vocals are off...what else is bad? I'm quite new at this.

edit: do you have a thread somewhere? i can't find it...
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I can give you some mixing advice here.

First, the drums and the vocals are at the right level (volume wise) in comparison to eachother, Keep the volume of drums and vocals.
on "Love has and always will"

the instruments need to come way up.

what I suggest is to double up your guitar track, maybe a write rythm part, or just the same part over the original one, to give it a full sound, and pan the guitars out to both sides, while leaving the bass in the middle.

Your bass sounds a little muddy, try messing with some highfrequency equalizers through your amp some.

On "amazing escape", do the same kind of thing as above, all the while bringing the drum track to about the same level.

I like the sound you guys have here,
the singer is very good, and a strong voice is hard to come by these days.

what software do you use?

So I kinda' had it backwards there? Thanks, I'll try and fix it but we may need to re-record. I'm still rather new at this...heh.

On the rhythm part- there's a rhythm guitar playing, so do you mean we need to write a different part? Or is the current one just not noticeable? Also, I'll definitely try the panning.

I use Audacity, on a Linux computer.

This was recorded on a church's stage...somehow it didn't end up sounding like it did in the heaphones
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No problem!

Actually, the reccomended sound level is around 6db (give or take some)... take a look at the meters of the song while it is playing on the program, and base it off of there.

there was one?
I'd definitely turn it up!
(I'm listening to it through studio headphones haha)
doubleing up a guitar can be a good thing, as long as it's played very close to its orgiinal part.

Do you know how to use a graphic equalizer?
(to pump up the bass)
Heh yeah there was one there...her tone was very similar to the lead's, and she was indeed very quiet. I'll try sticking another part in there, but honestly I don't know what she played...I think it was just open chords.

I know how to use a graphic eq, but I'm not sure exactly which frequencies to mess with. My experience has always been with amps, rather than a whole band. I'm guessing <200Hz?
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Definitely check into doing that.

For the bass sound,
set the graphic equalizer to a 10 band freq.
make it look like this:

6 ----------o--o-----------------------
3 ------o----------o-------------------
0 --o------------------o--o--o--o--o
-3 --------------------------------------
-6 --------------------------------------
raise the db between 53 and 113 htz, centering it around 80.
that should pump up the bass big time.