Hey GB&C, I have some problems with my EMGs. I put them into my G-400 a little while ago and these are the problems I have with them:
- Muddy and slightly distorted on the clean channel
- Loud buzzing whenever I touch something metal on the guitar (bridge, strings etc. grounding problem?)
- Lack of ballsiness (but I'm doing the 18v mod, hopefully that will help things)

So can you guys tell me what the problems might be?

Thanks in advance
Make sure you've got brand new batteries and be sure that all of your connections are properly soldered. If something looks like it might need to be re-soldered, then do it!
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Most likly a grouding issues. Try checking the wiring/soldering. The grounding could be causing the problems on your clean channel.
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loose soldering, or lack of solderning in general lol

sounds exactly like what i ad, opened up the back did did some soldering and it was fine after.
The same exact thing happened to me when I put my 81/85 set in and everyone gave me the same advice. I couldn't see any problem whatsoever with any connections, but I re-soldered them all and I haven't had any problems since.
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Ok this is what I've decided. Because previously I had installed these into a warlock with two volumes, I'm gonna be doing it that way. I'm taking out one pot for a killswitch spot and leaving another one in there, just not connected, or I might put another switch in, but for what I dunno (suggestions?) Anywho I figure this will be a LOT easier to wire and give me more space for the second battery, so it's a win win . One question about the wire I'm using, it's extremely thin, could this be a problem? Oh and sorry for double posting.
Did you disconnect the bridge ground. And slightly distorted on clean channel is to be expected with EMGs.